Landscapes Series Launch

We are thrilled to present a new year-round series of Lagers brewed exclusively with New York State grown ingredients. 

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Agricultural, artistic, and philanthropic in nature; Landscapes is a multi-faceted project designed to highlight New York State agriculture, feature the work of a prominent local artist, benefit various non-profit organizations through the release of each Lager, and demonstrate our brewing abilities and love of traditional lagers.  

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Landscapes marks the most ambitious series we have endeavored to create utilizing one hundred percent of each beer's raw ingredients from New York State resources. We are honored to collaborate with and feature our artisan friends at Hudson Valley Malt and Pedersen Farms and their fresh local bounty in this first beer.

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Landscapes also marks our first departure from our brand standard can art by integrating the work of local artist, neighbor, and friend Ursula Schneider. Some of her work includes evocative depictions of the Hudson River which are a perfect basis for labels for this series.

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We will donate 10% of sales from each Lager to various non-profits whose work aligns with the goals of the project. Recipients have included Riverkeeper, Keep Rockland Beautiful, Open Space Institute, and Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.

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Each new beer in the Landscapes series will release seasonally at the Industrial Arts taproom followed by limited distribution across New York State. 

We hope you are excited as we are for this truly unique and local endeavor!


Summer Landscape is a Historical Lager that conjures up thoughts of days sitting in the sunshine with your toes in the grass. With notes of biscuit and corn on the nose, this beer has an herbal quality that finishes with a lightly spicy bitterness, reminding you of days of yore. Brewed exclusively with 6-row Pilsner malt and yellow corn from Hudson Valley Malt, hopped with Nugget, Glacier, Willamette and Mt Hood from Pedersen Hop Farm and fermented with a traditional American Lager yeast. We revisit Ursula Schneider’s “July Hudson River” painting for the can art. 10% of the sales will go to Sparkill Creek Watershed Alliance, a non-profit who brings together neighbors, family, friends, community organizations and businesses to learn how to care for the creek. Water quality is a local, even hyper-local issue that can be addressed with local solutions that can have long-lasting effects.

16oz-4packs will be available Thursday, June 6th at 4pm from our Garnerville Taproom.

spring landscape can release - thurs. march 7th at 4pm

Spring Landscape is a Pale Honey Bock that finishes dry with a hint of sweetness. It’s light enough to have you dreaming of those warm days, with a malt backbone to keep you warm when it’s not. Brewed with Germantown Pils, Munich and Vienna malts from Hudson Valley Malt, as well as Cascade and Glacier hops from Pedersen Hop Farm. This beer also features Autumn and Spring honey from the Hudson Valley. The can art features Ursula Schneider’s “May Hudson River” painting. 10% of the sales will go to Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the Hudson River, its tributaries and related bodies of water by providing environmental education programs, advocacy, and celebrations designed to expand people’s experience, awareness and stewardship of the river itself.

16oz-4packs will be available Thursday, March 7th at 4pm from our Garnerville Taproom.

winter landscape can release - wed. nov. 21st at 4pm

Winter Landscape is a Black Lager that gets its roasted notes and deep, rich color from chocolate malt and roasted barley, alongside Germantown Pils that came from Hudson Valley Malt. It’s hopped with Cascade from Weathertop Farms and Mt. Hood from Pedersen Farms. Ursula Schneider’s “September Hudson River” painting is featured on the label. 10% of all sales will benefit Open Space Institute, whose mission emphasizes the importance of conservation on a permanent sale, helping landowners and trusts to acquire land to protect diverse landscapes.

16oz-4packs will be available Wednesday, November 21st at 4pm from our Garnerville Taproom.


Autumn Landscape is a Harvest Lager that showcases floor-malted Germantown pilsner malt, special Bavarian Munich malt, and a small proportion of rye malt from Hudson Valley Malt alongside Brewer’s Gold hops and Mt. Hood hops from Pedersen Farms. The label showcases local artist, Ursula Schneider's "August Hudson River" painting. 10% of sales will benefit "Keep Rockland Beautiful" a non-profit that leads efforts to clean, protect, and beautify Rockland’s environment by educating and empowering people to share in the care and stewardship of its communities.

16oz-4packs will be available Thursday, August 30th at 4pm from our Garnerville Taproom. 

Summer Landscape can Release - thurs. April 26th at 4pm

Summer Landscape features local artist, Ursula Schneider’s “July Hudson River” painting, New York State grown Germantown Pilsner, 6-Row Malt, and Husk-on Malted Spelt from Hudson Valley Malt as well as Willamette and Glacier hops from Pedersen Farms. 10% of sales will benefit Riverkeeper whose mission is to protect the integrity of the Hudson River and its tributaries. 

16oz-4pack cans will be available Thursday, April 26th at 4pm at our Garnerville Taproom.